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Like most Bond fans, yesterday I woke up with a huge feeling of anticipation as the first full length trailer for SPECTRE was released.  I watched it as soon as I was able, then watched it again, and again, and again… you get the picture.

So many things leap out at Bond fans; nods to Baron Samedi, the DB5, M’s office, the Nehru jacket, the white jacket, a proper Q Branch scene and THAT music cue. After countless watches something has caught my attention. More accurately the lack of something has interested me a great deal.

One of the photos from the set of SPECTRE that has been plastered all over Twitter and many other news sources is one of Christoph Waltz sporting some fetching motion capture dots on the right side of his face.


This led to speculation that his character would be sporting some nasty scars on his visage. In the trailer we see his face twice; first with a well placed shadow where the motion capture dots were positioned which added to the mystery of a potential scar:

But then we see this:

No scar! This has set my speculation glands into overdrive.

We know that in a GQ interview when asked if he was playing Blofeld he replied, “That is absolutely untrue, that rumour started on the Internet, and the Internet is a pest. The name of my character is Franz Oberhauser.”.
I think he’s telling truth. I would suggest that for the entire duration of SPECTRE the Waltz’s character will be called Oberhauser. He will be shown to be the head of SPECTRE but won’t be revealed as Blofeld until the next film.
At the end of SPECTRE, Oberhauser will sustain significant facial injuries and will require heavy reconstructive surgery. In Bond 25 we could see Waltz’s Blofeld sporting a huge scar but it also opens up another possibility. Recasting.
Blofeld is a massive character in the Bond series so imagine setting up his return in SPECTRE only to have Christoph Waltz turn down Bond 25, it’s a potential disaster. This could be deftly averted if a plausible reason for a change in appearance is set up now. He has form for changing appearance too, and not only in the films. His appearance is radically different between his first two appearances in the novels.

This is pure speculation of course. It could be that Waltz is not Blofeld at all, time will tell. But it would be a crafty move by the film-makers to set up what could either be Blofeld’s scar or a legitimate reason for the character looking drastically different.



  1. Oberhauser is not Blofeld.

    EON recently made a point of clarifying that the dude dropped down the chimney during that goofy pre-cred scene of For Your Eyes Only was supposed to be Blofeld. So he is dead. Gone. Not to return. So it makes perfect sense that in the rebooted world SPECTRE would exist but not be headed by Blofeld. Personally I am looking forward to them exploring the childhood links between Bond and Oberhauser. And potentially the death of Bond’s parents.

    Let’s just get over the whole Blofeld thing…

    1. That may have been a version of Blofeld in FYEO but those films now operate on a completely different timeline. Craig’s Bond hit the reset button so feasibly Blofeld could, and possibly will, return.

  2. Oberhauser is not Blofeld. Blofeld is dead, EON have confirmed it, dropped down a chimney. Spectre is back, but ESB is no longer the chief. Learn to live with it.

    1. I’m not sure why I would need to “Learn to live with it”. I am merely offering an opinion which may or, more likely, may not turn out to be right.

      As far as I know EON have not released anything confirming that Blofeld will NEVER return, if they have please provide a link. If you are inferring that Blofeld will not return because of what happened at the start of For Your Eyes Only then I would argue that is not the case. The old movies are not linked in any way to the new ones, it is a completely new timeline on which Blofeld can indeed return.

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